Healthy Food Guide For a Healthy Life

Eating regularly is not all we want, eating healthy is important. While going for healthy eating the most important thing to keep in mind is to make sure of what you are eating and, whether your diet is meeting the nutritional requirements of your body or not.

Since birth till death, complete life span of any living being, is a process of growth and development and various functions keeps on taking place within our body. And for proper functioning of our body we need proper nourishment as very specific nutrient has its role in the development of our body.

Healthy food guide will help you to analyze you diet and its nutritional requirements.

First of all you need to be well aware of types of nutrients. There are six types of nutrients responsible for the development.

Calories: calories provide energy, but too much calories lead you nowhere other then gaining useless weight. You need to switch to low calorie diet as complete stoppage of calorie intake will be hazardous to your health. Lo calorie diet includes low fat milk and dairy products, lean meat, fishes and poultry with added calories. You can monitor the amount of calorie you are taking by regulating the method of preparation as you can avoid too much of added calories and also by regulating the portion size of you meal intake.

Proteins: protein helps in the development of the body. It is very important for the formation of tissues. They contain a great amount of amino acids that are essential for our body. Essential amino acids are those amino acids that are not synthesized inside our body and are taken from outside as apart of our diet. If they are not taken in the diet results in poor development of our body. Animal meat, eggs, fishes and poultry provides huge amount of essential amino acids. These amino acids are not present in the cereals hence proteins from cereals cannot alone support the development. However dries beans etc have these amino acids and can supplement animal protein.

Fats: fats are the store house of energy in the body. When we eat fats, they burn inside the body and act as fuel to keep you working. They also help in development of nervous tissues. Some fat is also deposited in the body so that it can be used in future when needed. If the fat metabolism fails in our body then this fat is deposited in the cells and causes obesity and other problems like atherosclerosis, arteriosclerosis, hypertension etc.

Minerals: different minerals have different role in our body. Minerals are important for the development of bones, teeth, the help in normal functioning of heart by maintaining the heart rhythm and muscle contractibility, they regulate the acid-base balance of the body and accelerates normal neural conduction. They facilitate cellular metabolism and are an essential part of hormones and enzymes. The intake of minerals should be regulated. They are not produced inside the body and excessive intake can exhibit toxic effects.

Vitamins: vitamins are not synthesized inside our body and are taken from outside. They are important and vital in almost all the functions of our body. Be it immune system, hormonal or nervous system vitamins plays important functions in all the processes of our body. Keeping in mind, healthy food guide, if a diet is planned, it will surely provide you a healthy life.